Kieron Smith / Кийрън Смит

singer, songwriter and producer

“I love to tell stories, and music is the most effective way I have found to do it”
Kieron Smith is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer from Liverpool.
Kieron discovered his love for music writing, performance, and production from an early age. He appeared on ‘The Voice UK’ and bagged himself a place on team Jennifer Hudson. His passion for the show has since brought him to ‘The Voice of Bulgaria’ where he captivated the audience and coaches with his talent, gaining a place on team Dara, and even performed his own song Alive (out now!).
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Как работи?

1. Изпрати

Попълни информацията за теб и получателя, съобщението до звездата, имейл, на който да изпратим готовото видео, и направи плащане с карта.

2. Получи

Ако заявката е приета, очаквай отговор до 7 дни по имейл и в твоя профил. Гледай или свали видеото и напиши коментар до звездата.

3. Сподели

Изпрати видеото до получателя или го сподели в социалните мрежи. Ако е изненада, не забравяй да запишеш реакцията на получателя и да ни я пратиш!

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